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       Matt's Mobile Tax Service provides the option to upload your tax forms and download the completed tax return from your mobile device or computer.  The portal is encrypted and secured by a password you set, with the option to set two factor authentication for even more security.

      If you are able to scan your documents or to obtain them electronically as PDF files, the online portal may be the easiest way to send your tax forms and get your completed tax return.  You can then upload required signature forms, or ask for E-SIGNATURE option to avoid all paper. As an added benefit your tax return and materials you submitted will be kept on the online portal so you can continue to access these materials any time using your secure login.  The files you upload and your completed tax return will remain in the portal for at least two years.
     If you do not have a portal account and wish to use this method, please send an email to and you will get a link to create your account.  Portal accounts are only available to existing clients.  If you are a first time client I will need to meet you in person before I can set up a portal account for you.


If you already have a portal account, to log in click  HERE